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    Infrastructure Design In AWS And Firebase.

    created_at:October 15, 2022

    updated_at:October 15, 2022

    Today, I am going to explain Infrastructure Design in AWS and Firebase.

    Purposes of this article creation

    • To be able to design Infrastructure in AWS and Firebase on my own.
    • To be able to create Infrastructure Design Document.

    Infrastructure Design Process

    In this case, I will create Infrastructure Design Document for a SNS task management application on Cacoo as a deliverable.

    【What is Infrastructure Design?】

    • To create the necessary environment for the business by using IT systems.
    • To create the appropriate system configuration and network configuration from the application side requirements.


    1. Determine what language/framework will be used on the back-end and front-end
    2. Requirements Definition
    3. Design the back-end infrastructure
    4. Design the front-end infrastructure
    5. Other Design Items
    6. Building infrastructure

    Determine what language/framework will be used on the back-end and front-end


    • Separate front-end and back-end development.

      • Can be released to the outside world as an API.
      • Clarification of developer responsibilities / division of labor.
      • Easy to scale/prevent debt.
    • Mainstream back-end skills

      • Dynamically-Typed: PHP, Python, Ruby
      • Statically-Typed: Go
    • Mainstream front-end skills

      • SPA: React, Vue.js
      • SSR: Next.js, Nuxt.js

    Selecting the technology for the service you want to create

    【Service to be created】

    • Task management SNS.


    • back-end: Ruby, Ruby on Rails.
    • front-end: JavaScript, React.

    Requirements Definition

    • Cheapest price possible.
    • Configuration that allows you to focus on development.
      • Not too much time is spent on infrastructure management.

    Design the back-end infrastructure

    【Items to consider】

    • Network: VPC
    • Hosting: Beanstalk
    • API: API Gateway
    • DB: RDS
    • Domain: Route 53
    • Operation Monitoring/Analysis: CloudWatch

    Design the front-end infrastructure

    【Items to consider】

    • Hosting: Firebase Hosting
    • Authentication: Firebase Authentication
    • Domain: Google Domains

    Other Design Items

    • CI/CD: GitHub Actions

    Building infrastructure

    ※「Building AWS Infrastructure」is here.

    ※「Building Firebase Infrastructure」is here.


    URL: NONE.


    [Web Front End Trends]

    [Knowledge required for Infrastructure Engineer]

    Word Explanation


    Summary/What I learned this time

    ※This article may be updated in the future.

    【What I learned this time】

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